Does your company have an in-house photo department you can call on every time you need professional photographs, videos for advertising and training, or digital images for ad copy, desktop publishing and client use? TNT Photographics wants to be your photo department... on call for all your photomedia needs. Check out our services -- you can have all the benefits without all the associated overhead costs! 

Tom Trinkwalder, chief photographer and owner of TNT Photographics, has been working in the fields of photography, videography and cinematography for over 25 years. 

He uses state-of-the-art technology, including Hasselblad and Canon still cameras, Sony video cameras, and Ariflex motion picture cameras, in addition to Pentium-based digital imaging equipment. Tom's experience ranges from air shows, automotive firms, entertainers and manufacturing concerns to service industries, sports and training applications.  

Tom and his staff have won numerous awards for photography, video work and web design. Their work is in use world-wide.


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