Video Samples

All of our video samples are offered in Windows Media Player format. They will play best using the Media Player, but can be viewed in some other media applications, such as the Real Player. If you need a player to view videos online, use the button (left) to download and install the latest version of Media Player from Microsoft.

Perhaps the most widely-received, and definitely the most fun to produce, this video features sequences representing over 30 of the most popular air show acts in the industry today.  Turn your speakers up; this is rock 'n roll air show heaven!

Another "music video" project for the air show community, this video also features some of the most popular air show acts and some hot music as well.

This video was produced to showcase the benefits of the Freedom Jet's Local Sponsorship Marketing Assistance Program to airshow organizers and producers. Shot mainly on location during actual promotional activities conducted by the Freedom Jet Team, footage also includes sequences of airshow performances shot from the ground and from various aircraft-mounted camera positions. 

Matt Chapman is a personal friend, and the hottest pilot we've worked with. Catch his aerobatics, which brought the United States to medal status in the World Aerobatic Championships...

The Toyota AirSports video is a departure from the usual performer marketing tape. In this sequence, you'll find a 1-minute short designed to be aired in local TV markets the week before the airshow. We actually produced some 30 versions of this tape, each customized for a specific airshow market.  Naturally, the tape also features some very awesome flying.

Catch another look at the fabulous Freedom Jet, this time showcased on the popular "extreme" television show, Real TV.


This group of television commercials was produced from "stock" TNT Photo footage, with different voice-overs to customize the ads for three large and well-known Midwest air shows.  Air Michigan is a 30-second spot for the air show. CASPA is another 30-second spot produced to highlight the Competition Air Show Pilots' Association event in Dayton at the US Air and Trade Show. 

This 30-second television commercial for a national bottled water company was shot on film and transferred to video for editing. The spot aired extensively and was written up as a "hot item" in a Detroit daily newspaper feature column. 

This one-song cut from a showcase video produced to market the band "Jimmy Smythe and the Cry" to a national record producers was shot on location with 3 cameras and mixed live during a Detroit nightclub performance.



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